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    It aims at gaining a place in the distinguished companies in the field of foreign trade by offering retail products and services which are the most suitable for customer needs and expectations in the highest quality.


    Continuously designing innovative and meeting our customer needs by developing the most suitable marketing techniques.


   Our company that was founded in 2015  at Konya displays activity in the fields of production and foreign trade. Our company that manufactures product in many groups with DIAMOND FOOD brand designs products in many groups such as pasta, sunflower oil, candy-chocolate, cornflakes, tomato paste, ketchup, olive oil etc and it progresses in being a supplier to many countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

    It could be able to be a most preferred brand of customers  in pasta with its dominating structure  on country regulation by considering vales in the worldwide standards.

    It took its place in the market shelves of many countries in the Middle East together with the strong marketing supports due to its quality and economic structure in the field of Candy and Chocolate, and continues it aims to get into new markets by developing continuous Market developing projects.

    Sunflower oil that is amongs the most competitive products of the world has been competing  with manufacturer companies in its field and could be able to get into the market of the Middle East by creating more price competition than many other manufacturing companies.

    It placed the cornflakes, the products of the rising generation, to the forefront which is among the most preferred  products of the world’s children and it has been the most preferred product of the market with its economical price structure mainly in Jordan.

     In the sector of the olive oil that is necessary for cuisines, it has been included in the group of strong manufacturers such as Spain and Portugal  and offered its brand on the market. It has been continuing its research projects in many countries’ market such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina etc which are in the American Continent amongst 2017 targets.



The brand where freshness meets nature and quality; Fresh Diamond Food.

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